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Moldava Wedge Red

Moldava Wedge Red

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Scholl Moldava Wedge Red

Everyone should have a pair of Scholl Moldava Wedge Red in their closet. The sandals are designed with an ergonomic and orthopedic design to go with the natural curves of your feet. The slippers have a great colour in pink and stylish straps allowing you to quickly and easily adjust the size. You can trust that these slippers are made to the highest standards of quality. Scholl has been making comfortable shoes the past 100 years.

Nubuck and cork

The Moldava Wedge is made of both nubuck, a super lightweight EVA and cork sole. These sandals' sole is designed to provide both heel and arch support. A good sole is a great option to keep your knees and back feeling good, due to the increased balance they provide.

Comfortable sandals all day long

Scholl Moldava Wedge Red are sandals that are perfect to use throughout the day whether at home or at work. You can stay comfortable throughout the day and avoid tired feet, back and knees in a manner that many other footwear can’t offer. The stylish colour brightens your outfit and will add the perfect detail to anything you wear.

Wear your sandals year after year

A pair of Scholl Moldava Wedge Red can be used for many years without showing excessive wear. Just make sure to keep them away from gravel, mud and rain which can increase wear and tear on them. You can also use a soft brush to get rid of any loose dirt or debris.
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